Another Day for the Birds

Wednesday April 19th 2023

It was another cool start to a low humidity day. The temperature climbed slowly in to the low eighties, before returning to comfortable sleeping weather. Humidity is forecast to return tomorrow.

Alligator “nest”.

This is my last full day at Myakka River State Park. It has been an enjoyable stay with lots of opportunities to see wildlife. I’m looking forward to my next stay, but at the moment I don’t know when that is. On Saturday morning I’ll try for a reservation next March. I already struck out on my attempt to book a reservation in December and January.

I walked up the park road to the bridge over the Myakka River after breakfast this morning. The water birds were out today. I saw several Blue Herons, a trio of Egrets and a solo Rosetta Spoonbill. In addition to stopping at the bridge for bird and alligator viewing, I walked out and back on the trail along the far side of the river. A few more alligators, turtles and birds were in the river along the trail.

Between my walks I got a lot of the preparation for travel tasks complete. During my stay here I got an unusual amount of tools and other stuff out of my basement storage. It took about fifteen minutes to find and dig out the tools and more than twice that to put them away again. Most of the things I wanted are well packed away inside plastic storage boxes inside bigger plastic storage bins. When I got the tools I contorted my body into the basement storage area and dug through the bins. To put the stuff back I had to take the plastic storage bins out of the basement storage compartments and carefully repack the contents before stowing the bins back in the basement storage area. It will probably be another year plus before I dig into those bins again.

What’s for lunch?

I have about 130 miles to travel tomorrow. I’m returning to Kissimmee in central Florida. The journey will be on Interstates 75 and 4 through the same areas I drove through on my last two relocations. This is the section of roads that I consider the worst traffic areas in the state. I’m not looking forward to the it.


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