An Active Day Following a Quiet Day

Wednesday March 29th 2023

The latest cold front has passed through the area toward the south. Today’s temperature was cooler than the last several days. It peaked in the lower eighties. This evening the wind out of the north added a little bit of a chill to the air. The good thing with respect to overall comfort is the humidity is going down. On the other had the dry air and lack of rain is raising the fire danger.

I didn’t see any butterflies around the flowers in the butterfly garden today.

Today was opposite the day before in terms of activity level. While Tuesday was quiet, today was a very active day around the state park. About half the campsites in the park turned over today. In the early afternoon there were many empty sites. This evening there were only a few still empty which probably filled after darkness fell. Elsewhere in the park I found lots of activity too. There were people fishing at the fishing pier in the main park pond as well as several people using picnic tables for lunch. Out by the third pond there were empty horse trailers when I walked by. Where the horses and their riders are will remain a mystery. I didn’t encounter any horses on my walk today.

I continue to find new sources of this blossom as the old ones die away.

Continuing with the opposite behavior today, there was nobody around the day use area when I made my second walk of the day near sunset. Tuesday there were people fishing and kayaking. It was very quiet and the sunset was blocked by cloud cover.


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