Hiking in a Different Direction

Thursday March 30th 2023

It was a cool start to the day. The inside temperature was in the low sixties this morning. That is probably close to the outside temperature since the windows were open all night. The temperature rose into the mid eighties during the day. The lower humidity was offset by the lack of wind. In some ways it felt warmer than yesterday.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

To start my second week here at Colt Creek State Park, I explored a different area of the park today. Instead of heading for the ponds at the day use area on my first walk of the day, I turned east on a trail that heads out to the back of a recently cut pasture. The trail goes south between open areas and a swampy area. For the most part the swamps are without water. The dry spell so far this spring has left the swamps mostly muddy.

At the southern most point on the trail there is an equestrian campground and another day use area. The trail continues to the east and loops back to the north. I chose to take the main park road back to my RV home. The loop trail around to the north would require several hours and more supplies to complete. At the southern day use area there is one little pot hole style pond. It is probably less than 100 feet in diameter, but it had an alligator in residence.

I think “he” knew I was there. Not a good idea to get to close.
This tortoise seems to be a different breed than the Gopher tortoise I’m used to seeing.

For my second walk of the day at sunset I returned to the main day use area. There was a lot of activity at the day use pavilion. A group was busy unloading a U-Haul truck and setting up for some kind of event. I don’t know if the event is tomorrow or on the weekend, but they were doing a lot of setup. I’ll have to check it out tomorrow.


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