A Quiet Tuesday

Tuesday March 28th 2023

The fog was thick and slow to depart this morning. It was close to 11AM before it started to brighten up. During the afternoon a nice breeze camp up to keep it comfortable despite the above average temperatures. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties a little lower than yesterday.

I found another of these beautiful lilies.

This was a very quiet day around the state park. There wasn’t a lot of turnover in the campground and the day use area was empty during my afternoon walk. I didn’t see any people or vehicles on my walk to the area or at the area while I was there. One state park truck passed by on my walk back to my RV home. Later in the day during my evening walk there were a couple of fishermen and a pair of kayakers at the pond. The campground had a few dog walkers when I got back. Overall everything was pretty quiet all day.

My question of the day relates to dog walking. The requirement to pick up after your dog is now pretty common. When I had a dog to walk as a child it wasn’t a requirement. Today I passed a pile of fresh horse excrement on the trail. When will the horse riders have to pick up after their animals?

My main activity for the day was a maintenance and repair task. My Fan-Tastic vent wouldn’t open. The motor was spinning, but the lid wasn’t climbing. On closer examination the plastic mounting bracket was cracked. The motor drive shaft was not held in place correctly. I have the mechanism disassembled. The motor works OK. A quick search online for parts proved interesting. I could only find the complete motor assembly not just the plastic mounting piece. After I dig out the manual, hopefully with part numbers, I’ll do another search. In the mean time, I’m going to try and glue the plastic mounting piece together as a temporary work around.


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