A Warm Day for a Longer Hike

Monday March 27th 2023

There wasn’t as much fog this morning, but it was still very humid. By mid morning the sun and clouds had reached a balance that kept the sunshine reaching the ground about half the time. It was comfortable while the sun was blocked and hot when it reached the ground. Overall the temperature peaked around ninety degrees with plenty of humidity.

I spent the afternoon walking more of the trails in the park. Today I looped around the far side of the ponds and out toward the park entrance before heading back along a woodland trail to the campground area. I enjoyed the walk, but didn’t seen anything singularly spectacular. I drank plenty of water on my hike and didn’t really notice the heat. The trail passes through a meadow area near the ponds, swamp areas moving away from the pond and tree filled areas with pines and hardwoods deeper in the park. The most notable area along the trail was an area of wildflowers filled with butterflies.

There wasn’t much turnover in the campground today. Very few of the weekenders stayed through to Monday. The site beside mine did get occupied last night. I don’t know when they arrived only that the site was occupied this morning.


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