An Indoor Sunday

Sunday March 19th 2023

A little bit of rain overnight brought a new day with a strong north wind and lots of clouds. The temperature was still in the fifties at noon and only climbed a few degrees into the sixties before the end of the day. The wind made it necessary to really bundle up to be comfortable outside.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

This was an inside kind of day. There was nobody around during my first walk of the day shortly before noon. It seemed like all of today’s departing residents didn’t hang around in the cool temperatures. They all seemed to get on the road early. Even the boat launch area was empty. No one was braving the cold and wind on the lake. Later in the day despite the continued cool weather the lack of people around changed completely. The pavilion in the day use area was rented to a very large group. They had a loud speaker system for announcements and music. The volume along with the wind direction carried all the activity into the campground. I could hear a muffled version of all the goings on from inside my RV home. They were just cleaning up when I took my second walk of the day near 7PM.

Thick cloudy sky across the burnt area of palms.

I didn’t find many interesting things to take pictures of today. It was dull and cloudy so the pictures I took weren’t the greatest. I take pictures for three general reasons. Some are taken just to support the narrative in this blog. As I’m on my walks I often think about what the content will be in my next blog entry. The pictures serve to remind me of my thoughts and ultimately to fill content in the blog. I also take many pictures of colorful wildflowers and occasionally the clouds in the sky to make sure I have some pictures for inclusion in the blog. The second reason I take pictures is for memories. These are things I might want to remember later. Short term memory items are things like signs with the name of places or trail maps. Long term memory items are usually more landscape in nature. These are places that I want to return or are particularly interesting, historic or otherwise significant.

The other type of picture I take more time with. I consider them potential art that I might want to frame or display at some point in time. For these pictures I take the time to consider the framing and lighting of the picture. I also am more careful with the settings on my camera. All three types of pictures might end up in the blog, but they are all scaled down and potentially cropped for inclusion in the blog. I took about 75GB of pictures last year.


1 thought on “An Indoor Sunday

  1. A little wind is fine, but no thank you on a lot of wind. Your first photo of the white flowers is beautiful. This would qualify as one of your “art” photos, in my book. As well as some of the amazing sunset pictures you have taken. I take a lot of photos but make an effort to delete duplicates or ones with lesser quality.

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