A Cold First Day of Spring

Monday March 20th 2023

My sleep was interrupted by some rain and very strong wind gusts during the night. The rain didn’t last long, but the wind continued for more than an hour. It sounded worse than any of the gusts during the day, but the quiet of night seems to amplify a lot of things. The day was another cold one. The temperature reached a few degrees higher than Sunday. It peaked in the mid sixties. The big difference was the bright sunshine. The day didn’t feel as cold.

The ducks were having a hard time swimming into the surf produced by the wind.

I needed to get up early enough this morning to attempt to book another state park reservation for next winter. When combined with my interrupted sleep, the early start to the day really scrambled my day. After my second day without success booking a reservation I went back to bed. It was still cool inside my RV home and the warmth of my warm bed was to much to resist. It was after ten when I got day started for real.

This tortoise looks grouchy.

There are five sites available for booking tomorrow across six state parks I checked. February 21st of 2024 is a Wednesday. It is odd that there are so few available sites. The snowbirds season may be very active next winter. I’ll be trying again tomorrow morning. Between now and next winter many of the reservations might be canceled. The cancellation fee is not outrageous. You have to be very lucky to catch one of those openings that match your needs.

For exercise today, I walked around the camping loops and a few of the trails in the park. There was njot a lot of activity today. As the afternoon progressed all of the empty sites filled up. The park was a little more active on my last walk of the day just before sunset.

This noisy helicopter was overhead several times today.

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