Pets in RVs

Saturday March 18th 2023

Today’s weather was better than anticipated. Early in the week today was forecast to be a severe weather day as the latest cold front passed through. As the week went on the severity decreased, but as of yesterday it was still supposed to rain most of the day. The sun was visible in the sky shortly after sunrise. As the morning went by the clouds increased as did the wind. During the afternoon the wind continued but a few areas of blue sky were visible. The forecast kept pushing the possible rain out. It is currently forecast to happen overnight, but that didn’t sound all that certain. Either way tomorrow is going to be a cold day.

Wildflower blossom of the day

Many, possibly even most, RVers travel with pets. You see people walking dogs around the park all the time. There are big dogs, little dogs, young dogs and old dogs. Occasionally you also see cats getting walked. I am sure there are many more cats inside RVs. Other animals are also traveling with people as pets. At least once I saw a pet rabbit in a wire fence enclosure at a campsite. Birds are also traveling pets. On several occasions I’ve seen cages outside RVs and a few times I’ve seen Cockatoos and Parrots on peoples shoulders. Today I saw a new one.

Moving fast to get out of the road as I stood watching about six feet away.

On my evening walk I passed by a woman carrying a chicken in her arms. This wasn’t a little bird, but a full grown brown hen. Every time she stopped the chicken was allowed to peck at the ground around her feet. The bird seemed to be very comfortable with this behavior. I guess these people decided to travel with a personal source of eggs.


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