Where Did the Warm Weather Go?

Wednesday March 15th 2023

The weather pattern in this area has changed. Last week the temperatures were threatening to break ninety. Today it didn’t make it to seventy. This morning it was very cloudy with a few very light showers. The temperature didn’t even break the sixty degree mark until afternoon. When the sun came out in the middle of the afternoon the temperature finally climbed into the sixties.

While I was out running errands today, I was reminded of how much change has taken place in this area since I started coming here in 2016. This campground is located 8 miles east of Interstate 75. The city of Bradenton is six to seven miles west of Interstate 75. When I first visited this area the build up of shopping and residential property had only expanded a couple of miles east of the Interstate. Each year I’ve visited the expansion has progressed further east. The road has been widened and two traffic circles added. This year the development has expanded into farm land only a mile away from the campground. All of the top soil has been stripped from the land, drainage and roadbeds have been established and the early phase of a housing development is starting to appear. The state park seems safe and the land beyond the park doesn’t seem to be attracting development, but the overall change is dramatic.

Four days into the return to Daylight Savings time I have manged to get my habits aligned to the time. I’m back to getting up at the same clock time instead of an hour later. The end of the day is the biggest change. I have to eat before my last walk of the day and get used to a shorter time inside after dark. The available time to watch TV and write a blog entry had to be compressed so I could get to bed at a reasonable hour. As you might be able to tell based on this paragraph. I’ve spent too much time thinking about it.


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