A Day for the Buzzards

Thursday March 16th 2023

It was another cool start to the day. The morning temperature was in the high fifties. A strong wind out of the east arrived with the sun. As the day went by the wind weakened and the temperature climbed to eighty.

Lake Manatee with a strong east wind under a bright blue sky.

I don’t have any known pollen type allergies, but once in a while something in the air will get to me. Today was one of those days. When I went outside for my first walk of the day the wind was still blowing hard. It wasn’t long before I was sneezing and getting congested. I tried to keep going, but ultimately cut the walk short and returned to my RV home. Inside, I stopped sneezing immediately and about half an hour later the congestion cleared up. Later I walked to the dumpster with my trash and only sneezed briefly. Encouraged I continued on with my walk about the park. Whatever was bothering me seems to have cleared up. On my final walk of the day everything was normal.

“I see you human”

Today was a mixed bag of daily chores, a little bit of maintenance on a sticky draw and general relaxing. It also turned into a two and a half walk around the park day. This was a gopher tortoise and buzzard day. Don’t let anyone tell you a gopher tortoise is slow. I came around a corner along a path to see a tortoise about six feet in front of me. It scrambled into the brush in a few seconds. The other two I saw today were fifteen or twenty feet away. They just stared at me waiting to see if I was a threat. The pair of buzzards were at various locations along the lake during each of my walks in that area. They sure aren’t a very pretty bird.


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