Today’s Plans Changed

Tuesday March 14th 2023

There was a big change in the weather today. The high temperature for the day was ten degrees lower than yesterday and the humidity was way down. The more northerly wind added a chill to the air. The high temperature was in the mid seventies under a very blue sky. Tonight is forecast to get down into the low fifties.

Blossom of the day.

It is amazing how a simple little fumble can change your entire day. In this case it involved a plastic can of coffee. I keep the coffee in the cabinet above my table. This morning it didn’t make it safely from the cabinet to the surface of the table. Instead it bounced off my credenza, popped its lid and landed on the sofa. A cup or two of coffee was spread over a wide area. Cleaning up the mess changed my entire day.

This bird was disturbing the peace with its loud singing.

I managed to scoop up and recover the deeper piles of coffee. Some of it made it to the trash off of a few of the movable objects it fell on. The rest required more drastic treatment. I got the vacuum cleaner utensils out and went into cleaning mode. Once the coffee was cleaned up, I continued on with the vacuum cleaning other areas of my RV home. It was close to noon when I made my coffee and started my breakfast routine. Instead of leaving the state park for errands, I stayed home all day. At least the RV got vacuumed.

Today wasn’t a good day for wildlife pictures. The most interesting discovery was an alligator in the lake. While I know that gators may be in any body of water in Florida, I haven’t seen any in Lake Manatee during my previous visits. This afternoon there was one about fifty yards or so from the boat launch area. It was monitoring activity on the bank looking for its next meal.


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