Weird Weather Day

Monday March 13th 2023

The TV weather talkers called today a Weather Alert day. I called it a weird weather day. This morning it was a nice sunny day with a few scattered clouds. Around 10AM light rain started to fall. It was still sunny and the rain seemed to be mostly on one side of my RV home. After about fifteen minutes it was over and the sun was still shining. Over the next hour or so the wind really started to blow and the clouds moved in from the southwest. Shortly after 11AM the area to the southwest with all the clouds came under a tornado warning. The TV weather people went into overdrive mode trying to find a new way to describe a picture of the weather radar sweeps for almost an hour. The area of clouds never got to this area. The rest of day was filled with a few drops of rain here and a few drops there, but the ground barely got wet. The TV weather reported rain in other widely scattered areas. The temperature peaked just over the eighty degree mark.

The afternoon sky.

The almost rain and the threat of severe weather kept me at home all day. I spent some time on the computer researching places for possible future stays. Finding places and making reservations is one aspect of this lifestyle that I don’t enjoy. Gathering information takes time and making an actual reservation can be a challenge as well. I prefer the campgrounds that have online reservation systems. Getting through on the phone can be a real challenge. Off season campgrounds often don’t answer their phones and I’ve yet to have a campground return a voice mail.

I still managed to get two walks around the state park in today. It cleared up before evening enough for a few fishermen to launch boats into the lake. A few others from the campground were trying their fishing luck from the dock. The gopher tortoises were out feeding in the grass and an odd little heron arrived at the beach area to forage for food in the vegetation at the edge of the lake.


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