Time Change Confusion

Sunday March 12th 2023

It was a sunny Sunday with a strong breeze. The temperature peaked in the low eighties. Overall it was a comfortable day if you stayed out of the direct sunlight. The next cold front is due to approach the area overnight with rain forecast for the first part of Monday. Several cooler than normal days are forecast to follow. It should be a nice change.

Another Armadillo crossed my path today.
One of the only clouds in the sky for most of the day.

The spring forward action with the clocks caused the usual level of confusion today. It is full of challenges and changes. The first challenge is when to get up. Do you get up at the same clock time or at the time your body believes it is. I chose to split the difference this morning by only giving in to the time change by half an hour. I have three time devices that I have to change manually. Only the microwave oven clock got changed last night before bed time. The other two clocks including the bedroom clock remained on standard time until I wrote the previous few sentences. I wonder how many times during the day it confused me.

This “cat” passed behind my RV home just before sunset. It was a little bigger than the average domestic cat, but it doesn’t match my impression of a bobcat.

The other thing that needed to change today was my late in the day procedure. I have been in the habit of taking my sunset walk before returning home for my evening meal. With sunset an hour later, that flow needs to change. By the time I finished my late in the day walk it was well into the evening. Everything from eating to TV watching and blog entry writing has been squeezed into a smaller time frame. At the very least, I am going to have to eat before my late in the day walk.

Two bees sharing a flower blossom.

Since it was Sunday, the campground turned over a lot today. I have new neighbors across the street. I suspect the neighbors on my side of the street are moving tomorrow. Elsewhere in the state park it was busy too. There were several families using the beach area. I don’t think I’ve seen more than a solo swimmer or two using the beach before. The boat launch was also getting a lot of use. There was a real traffic jam of put ins and take outs going on this afternoon. This even included one small collision between boats just off the ramp. There wasn’t any damage just a few excited people. One thing that was complicating the boat launch were all the people fishing from the dock. They were taking up the space intended for boats to tie up. It kept me entertained watching the action for quite a while.

Tonight’s sunset.

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