Another Beautiful Sunset

Wednesday March 1st 2023

Today’s weather repeated the last couple of days. It was in the mid eighties with lots of sunshine. Most of the day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Late in the day an artificial cloud filled in from the north and west. The smoke from a prescribed burn to the north started to approach this area. It managed to accentuate the sunset to a colorful extreme.

Hiding in the mangroves

I had another frustrating morning trying to book next winters Florida State Park stays. Because February is a twenty eight day month, I had four days of newly available sites to pick from this morning. The last three days of January 2024 and the first day of February were available. Still I didn’t have any luck. These conditions are probably the worst throughput challenge the software needs to handle. The web interface was behaving differently than I’ve seen it before. This morning it reported the web site wasn’t available. It looked a lot like some networking geek was manually preventing the system from overloading like I’ve experienced in the past. Once I did make connections all of the available sites I was looking for were in the process of being booked. I think I’m still missing the optimal way to use the system, but the software interfaces is still a piece of crap. Not getting a site in a fair contest is one thing. This is just a pain in the …

Early in the day the sky was clear and blue.

The great adventure of the day was another short drive into the outskirts of Naples. I needed to pick up a package at an Amazon locker. In this area many of the Ross stores have lockers. It was a simple task easily completed and I was back at the campground. I learned not to return in the middle of the afternoon. I got stuck at the ranger station behind three RVs checking in. Before I got through the gate two other RVs were behind me. Even though all of the arriving RVs are already registered and paid, it still takes a while for each RV to get


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