A Stay at Home Thursday

Thursday March 2nd 2023

The smoke clouds from the prescribed burns that were overhead as Wednesday ended were gone this morning. The strong wind out of the south was probably the reason. There was a deep blue sky with only a few clouds late in the day. The temperature climbed into the mid eighties just like the last few days. We are in a great weather pattern, but today may be the last day. A cloudy day is forecast for tomorrow as a front passes west to east north of here.

Blossom of the day

I ended up working on my computer most of the day. It started with another failed attempt to book a reservation for next winter and progressed into a maintenance session. A complete backup of all my data was overdue. I maintain regular backups of my pictures, blog text and other things I create on USB memory sticks, external drives and cloud storage for some items. My internet access isn’t reliable enough to depend on cloud storage alone. Today I created two complete backups on external drives. With a measure of confidence that I wouldn’t lose anything important, I started to delete stuff in an attempt to improve performance. It was a combination of a trip down memory lane and some real computer sleuthing. Overall, once I get in the mood, I really enjoy this time of activity. It isn’t quick. After I get through with this blog entry, I’ll continue sorting through files, moving things around and deleting the junk.

In between sessions at my keyboard I took a couple of walks around the state park and cooked a little more complicated meal than usual using my slow cooker. It was a real stay at home kind of day.


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