A Frustrating Day

Tuesday February 28th 2023

Today’s weather was pretty much a clone of Monday and that isn’t a bad thing. It was a beautiful weather day. Once again the temperature peaked in the mid eighties.

My day began with frustration. I was up early to attempt to book a Florida State Park stay for next winter. For the second two week interval in a row I stuck out booking a stay at one of the popular parks. Between the new software and perhaps an increased demand, I am having difficulties earlier in the winter than I’ve ever experienced before. Usually I experience difficulties for March or February but this year it is with January. I am going to have to get creative which may mean moving into the cooler weather areas of the state.

The only other major activity for the day was a grocery run. I was out of milk, non frozen meat and a few other things. Based on what I came home with, I wasn’t all that desperate for groceries. I had fewer bags than usual and I spent a bit less. Even so, I seemed to have everything I needed. It looks like I’m eating differently causing me to use things at different rates. I’ll be within five to ten miles of a grocery store for the next three plus weeks so it will be easy to get anything I need.

My walks around the campground today didn’t result in any nice wildlife pictures, but I made a point to get a sunset picture or two. There were a lot of other people with a similar goal.


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