A Day at the Magic Kingdom

Friday February 10th 2023

Last night’s rain let up in the early morning. This morning it was cloudy and humid. The temperature climbed into the low to mid eighties with a little bit of sun during the afternoon. In the evening the treat of rain was back. It didn’t fall on me, but my RV home got wet.

Today was a Magic Kingdom kind of day. I made two trips across Bay Lake to the theme park. The first was in the morning and the second was in the evening. It was very busy during both visits. Disney World is hosting some form of Cheerleading or Dance competition. There are hoards of young people in matching t-shirts all over the place. I’m guessing they are mostly high school age girls, but they weren’t all girls and there were a few guys in the mix as well.

Random Castle Pictures

The Beast’s castle.

The wait times this morning were out of this world. Two of the big rides, Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, were down for a long period. This just drove the wait times at the other rides higher. There is no way I would wait in line fifty minutes to ride It’s a Small World. During my morning visit I road the Walt Disney World Railroad all around the park and I road the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority People Mover. I was back at my RV home by 2:30PM.

Random Pictures from my day at the Magic Kingdom

My evening visit was far more productive. I got to ride five or six rides and watch the fireworks. All of the rides were running and the crowds had thinned out some. I didn’t see as many cheerleading groups.

Fireworks Pictures


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