Travel to the Fort

Thursday February 9th 2023

Today was moving day. It wasn’t a long trip, but with traffic it was a slow trip. The driving distance is about 25 miles in a giant U shape. As the crow flies it is a lot shorter distance between Lake Louisa State Park and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. It took close to an hour to make the drive.

I checked in online earlier in the week and requested a 1PM check in. The official check in time is 3PM, but they are pretty good about accommodating earlier requests after the 11AM checkout time. The last couple of times I checked in online I was able to go directly to my site. Today, even though I’d received the check in verification notification on my phone, the guard insisted that I go to the check in toll plaza. It seemed to be a very perfunctory activity. The check in clerk got no new information from me nor provided any that I didn’t already know.

Site 311 at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

After unhooking my car in the overflow parking lot, I was backed into my site by 2PM. I’m in a Preferred site which means it is in a good location, but isn’t updated with more space. My RV home fits, but it is a little more shoehorned in than some of the other sites. It is still a very nice site.

About 4:30 I started a slow trip to EPCOT. The bus from the campground would be the fastest transportation, but I took the boat to the Magic Kingdom followed by two Monorail rides to get to EPCOT. I arrived shortly before 6PM. My goal for the evening was to ride a few rides, get some dinner, wander around and see the night time fireworks show, Harmonious. I achieved all of the goals but one. Watching Harmonious remains on the todo list.

Here are some pictures of the chalk art that probably got washed away by the rain shortly after I took this picture.

Shortly before 8PM, I spotted lightening to the west. A quick check on the weather app on my phone showed a line of heavy rain approaching. I was not prepared for a rain storm in a practical way or mentally. I decided to head back to my RV home. While I was on the bus it started to rain lightly. I got a little damp getting from the bus to my campsite, but it really opened up shortly after I got inside. It has been a very noisy storm for the last two plus hours. Heading for home before the fireworks was the right decision.


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