Wandering Around Disney World

Saturday February 11th 2023

The warm temperatures continued today, but the sun was hidden behind the clouds most of the day. There was also a lot of wind preceding the cold front approaching from the northwest. Toward evening a lot of short rain showers started to arrive in the area.

Blossom of the day.

Since my Disney World Annual Pass doesn’t include weekend park visits, I spent the day outside the theme parks visiting other areas of the world. My first stop was a Disney Springs for some shopping, but not buying. It was a very busy day. All of the Cheerleaders that were in the theme parks Thursday and Friday seemed to be at Disney Springs today. Some of them were even performing on the big stage in the market place area.

From Disney Springs I took the boat to the Port Orleans French Quarter resort. I walked from there along the side of the canal to the Port Orleans Riverside resort. It was an enjoyable stroll on a nice afternoon. At both resorts I toured the gardens, lobbies and gift shops. Once again I was looking not buying.

To get back to Fort Wilderness from Port Orleans I had to either return to Disney Springs or take a bus to one of the theme parks. The first bus to arrive at the bus stop was heading for EPCOT. I had to walk from one end of the bus loading zone to the other to reach the Fort Wilderness stop. There were about twenty people there and many had been there for almost twenty minutes. Maybe I brought them luck. One of Disney’s random special buses arrived to pick everybody up. These are buses that travel around looking for people that have been waiting too long for buses stuck in traffic or some such issue.

This evening I walked down to the campground beach on Bay Lake. The fireworks from the Magic Kingdom can be scene clearly from the beach. The accompanying music is even piped in. I took lots of pictures of the fireworks.


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