Sunset on My Stay at Lake Louisa State Park

Wednesday February 8th 2023

Today is my last day at Lake Louisa State Park for this visit. The day was very similar to the last couple of days. The weather was bright and sunny with a high temperature in the upper half of the seventies. My activities for the day were focused on chores around my RV home and travel preparations.

I’ve allowed the interior of my RV to get very cluttered during this two week stay. All of the packing material and tools associated with getting the new TV installed were in the way during part of my stay. Consequently access to some of the storage locations was obstructed. The bottom line is I’ve had more to do to get things straightened out. By the time I go to bed this evening I will be at the same level of preparedness to travel as normal.

Alert turtle early in the day.
Later in the day.

For exercise today I took another hike along some of the trails in the park. It really was a timed hike, since I turned around in time to be back for the noon TV news. I was really most interested in the weather forecast. A new storm front is approaching the area over the next few days. I’m going to be in theme park visiting mode over the next week. Since you need to make a reservation to access a Disney park, I wanted to know what weather obstacles I might encounter. It looks like the storms arrived Friday night.


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