A Long Delayed Laundry Day

Tuesday February 7th 2023

The nice weather trend continued today. It was a bright sunny day with a little more wind than Monday. Despite the wind the temperature was also a bit higher than Monday. It topped out in the mid to upper seventies. The trend is forecast to continue tomorrow, but break during the day on Thursday.

It was a sunny day with the wind out of the east.

Today was a continuation of yesterday’s chores and stuff. My biggest task today was catching up on the laundry. I carry lots of clothes so I can stretch the time between laundry days when necessary. In this case I have also been switching between warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes. This has allowed me to stretch things even more. The biggest driver to doing the laundry is a place to hide the dirty clothes. Today was the day to make room for more dirty laundry.

I had three loads of laundry to complete and one washing machine and one dryer to accomplish the task. They also weren’t the worlds fastest machines. Each load took nearly fifty minutes per machine. All totaled from lugging the dirty laundry to the facility, washing and drying followed by folding and bringing the clean clothes back to their storage locations it took around 3 hours. I didn’t hang out at the laundry the whole time. Every twenty minutes or so I walk back to the laundry from my RV home. I really didn’t get anything else done while the laundry was running.

There was a lot of turnover in the state park today. Most people seem to come for a two to three nights stay. There are only a few of us that are here for the two week maximum. All of my neighbors have changed once or twice while I’ve been here. Tomorrow is my last full day here.


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