Chores and Stuff

Monday February 6th 2023

The weather was beautiful day today. There were very few clouds in the bright blue sky. The wind was next to nonexistent and the temperature climbed to the low to mid seventies. It was the type of day the Chamber of Commerce wishes every day modeled.

Today was a productive and busy day but it wasn’t much of a blog worthy one. I caught up on a lot of odd chores, did some maintenance task and completed a few elands. The most noteworthy of the lot was completing the installation of my new TV. After watching it for a few hours last night, I determined it was safe to complete the installation. I put the last four screws in the bracket this afternoon. Having a working TV back in the living room area of my RV home is taking some getting used to. I have walked right by the TV into the bedroom to check the picture that goes with the dialog I’m listening to on the TV. Never mind that all I had to do was turn my head and look at the living room TV.

My walks around the campground today didn’t discover anything particular new or noteworthy. There were only two turtles taking the sun on the log today. On other day’s I’ve seen as many as six on one long and several more on other logs. Perhaps it just wasn’t warm enough. The good news is some of the wildflower blossoms have returned. The cold weather over the weekend caused many of the blossoms to die off. There was also a beautiful sunset tonight.


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