Cold, Football and a Holiday Weekend

Sunday January 15th 2023

It was cold last night, but not as bad as the Christmas weekend cold snap. The temperature got down to a little below thirty just before daybreak. It climbed into the mid to upper fifties before the end of the day. Tonight’s overnight temperatures are not forecast to be as low.

I rolled over in bed a couple of extra times this morning to allow the inside temperature to get a little warmer. By the time I raised the blinds most of my neighbors had departed. I was surprised so many departed on the Sunday of a three day holiday weekend. The TV news is making a big deal about the fact that on the Martin Luther King holiday tomorrow schools and other business are closed. I assumed many of my fellow campers were here for the three day weekend. Either way the sites were filled again tonight.

There were several large groups gathering in the day use area this afternoon. It was more active than I have seen in any of my previous visits to this state park. More people were using the fishing pier as well. I think all the people kept the water birds away. Except for the Anhingas in their favorite trees, I didn’t see any of the usual suspects today. It was still enjoyable walking the trails and along the lake checking up on all the activity.

Around my RV home today, I hooked the water back up after last nights freezing weather precautions. It is nice to get water without the sound of the pump coming on. I spent most of my inside time watching the football games on TV. The games I’ve watched have been competitive, but not the best quality football. I don’t really have a favorite in the quest for the championship, but I have a few teams that I don’t like for no rational reason. It makes watching the games interesting.


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