A Cold Day Followed by a Cold Night

Saturday January 14th 2023

This is the second significant cold spell I’ve experienced this winter. The temperature only got up to fifty today. Two or three short stretches of cold weather are normal during December and January in Florida. Most years I’m further south on the peninsular so it isn’t as big an impact. In this area, near Gainesville, it is a bigger issue. Tonight’s temperature is forecast to be in the twenties. I’ve disconnected the outside water for the night so it won’t freeze.

Outside activity today was very similar to Friday. While you were back in the woods sheltered from the wind it was possible to stay comfortable. Out in the open, particularly along the lake shore, it could be very chilly in the wind. Along the shore of the lake there was a Great Blue Heron that demonstrated the weather perfectly. It was scrunched up in a little ball standing in an area protected from the wind in the bright sun. I walked by the area several times today and the bird only moved about six feet. It just looked cold and never seemed to extend its neck to look around. At least it was photogenic. I’ve included several pictures in this blog post.

Since it is a weekend, the park including the tent camping area is full. Since it is necessary to reserve sites well in advance, I’m sure none of the tent campers expected to have such a cold night to deal with. When I walked by the area just before dark most of the sites had big fires going in their fire pits. It isn’t bad when you are bundled up for the cold, but do they have warm sleeping bags? I sure hope so.

The only people that didn’t seem to mind the cold were the college students using the University of Florida’s recreation facility across the lake. There were sailboats, kayaks and powerboats all over the far side of the lake. It couldn’t have been very comfortable in the wind while in the middle of the lake and possibly wet.


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