Not a Random Monday

Monday January 16th 2023

It was a little warmer overnight, but it was still a very cool start to the day. The inside temperature was forty four at 7:30 this morning. I turned on the furnace and the little electric space heater to get things to a comfortable level, while I went back to bed. It wouldn’t be a problem if I ran the furnace all night, but I really don’t like the noise it makes. If I need it to keep the pipes from freezing, I’ll run it. That wasn’t the case last night.

Today’s high temperature was in the low sixties. Generally that is fine to heat up the inside of my RV home and maintain it at a comfortable level without running heat all day. In this location the trees keep the sun from reaching my RV home until after 3PM. That sun angle is the only one that makes it through the trees. I got all bundled up expecting cold temperatures before my first walk of the day. Once I got out of the trees I was ready to strip off layers. It really was a nice weather day, I just wasn’t dealing with it in the best way.

Yesterday it didn’t seem like this was a holiday weekend, but today it was a different story. The turnover in the park was consistent with the end of a holiday weekend. The families all packed up this morning and were gone by the 1PM checkout. At the day use area of the park there were a couple of big family picnics going on for most of the afternoon. This evening the activity seemed to transition to fishing. There was much more activity than an ordinary Monday.


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