Caught in Traffic Getting Groceries

Wednesday December 21st 2022

I think it rained lightly most of the night. At least the couple of times I woke up there was the sound of a light rain on the roof. This morning everything was wet, but the rain had stopped. It remained cloudy, damp and breezy all day. It was a very raw day that felt much colder than the sixty degree high temperature.

“Tastes like water!”

The Christmas rush is in full swing. I made my last stop at Walmart for groceries before the holiday today. There are eight or more traffic lights in the four plus miles between my RV home and the store. I had to wait at everyone and at several for multiple cycles. Traffic in the other direction was equally as congested.

Inside the store it wasn’t that bad. There were a lot of people in the store, but things were moving. In the grocery section people were spending most to their time in the meat, produce and bakery sections. The aisles were relatively clear. In the general merchandise part of the store there were many solitary shoppers. The shopping pairs and families were not clogging the displays as often happens.

I managed to get everything on my list even though I left the list at home. The only thing I didn’t come home with was a USB memory stick. All of the merchandise in the electronics section was in locked display cases. It was a lot more than the usual high value items that were locked up. Everything from a couple of dollars on up was behind glass. If they need to lock everything up, they also need to staff the area with enough people to get the merchandise out for a customer. I didn’t see any staff members in the entire electronics department.

The checkouts weren’t as backed up as I feared. Most of the grocery shoppers have been seduced by Walmart into using the self service checkouts. I generally refuse to do their work for them and pay the same price for less service. Given the season they had most of the staffed checkouts open today. The people with general merchandise in those lines only had a few items. Consequently, the time to checkout today was shorter than usual.

The traffic on the way back to my RV home vectored me toward the Ocala Wetlands Recharge park. It is near my route, but if I wasn’t trying to avoid another long traffic light cycle I would have gone straight home. Instead I took advantage of the cool weather to take care of my groceries in the car and spent a few minutes walking the trails in the park. It was cold and the birds were hiding, but it was worth the detour.


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