An Icky Kind of Day

Tuesday December 19th 2022

I knew that today’s weather wasn’t going to be as nice as the last few days, but it turned out to be a lot different than I anticipated. I expected rain in the afternoon into the evening. Around 7:30 I woke to the sound of rain on the roof. It didn’t last long, but clearly the rain was beginning early. It didn’t rain heavily during the day. Most of the time it was just cool, damp and hazy. Am occasional shower kept the potential of an imminent downpour ever present. Based on tonight’s TV weather report, most of the rain was south of here.

A very wet RV home.

This RV resort has fairly good WiFi. Today’ I took advantage of the high speed connection to watch a lot of YouTube Videos and some other online video content. It isn’t practical when I’m on my cellular data connection or the poor connections at many commercial RV parks. I’ve been noticing a lot more RVs that are putting up Starlink Satellite antennas. It seems like a good solution for people that depend on an internet connection for work or business. I think it is still a little too expensive for my needs. Increasing my cellular data service is more likely for me.

These guys are not standing up to the rain well.

Just before it got dark this evening, I took my daily walk around the RV resort. I was prepared to cut it short if the rain returned, but I got in one good loop. Once again I think there was a net gain in occupancy. Several RVs departed today, but I believe more arrived. I have neighbor on my other side now. There are eight rigs in a row without an empty space tonight.


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