Still More Traffic

Thursday December 22nd 2022

It was a foggy morning. The cloud level didn’t retreat much above ground level until nearly noon. During the afternoon the sun occasionally found a thin layer of clouds to peak through, but never clearly or for very long. The temperature stayed around sixty. When the wind was blowing out of the north it felt even cooler.

Egret blends in with the surroundings on the dull day.

I took a drive across the peninsular to the east this afternoon. My mission was to pick up my mail from the mail service in Green Cove Springs before I move south on Monday. This is the last day they are open before Christmas. Traffic was heavy. Roads that are usually empty most of the way had a handful of cars all the way. Busy roads had heavy traffic. When I returned to the outskirts of Ocala I joined a solid line of stop and go traffic for most of my way home. So I encountered two kinds of traffic, shopping and travel for the holiday.

Gas prices also did a bounce for the holiday. Over the last couple of weeks the price of gas has dropped. Yesterday I saw several stations with gas at $2.76 a gallon. It was $3.28 less than two weeks ago. Today two of the stations I saw the $2.76 price at were up to $2.78. Two cents isn’t much, but it represents a change in direction which isn’t good. Hopefully it will resume its downward trend after the New Years.

I think the RV resort continues to fill up a little bit more each day. One of my neighbors departed this morning, but another RV replaced them this evening. There also seem to be more RVs on the road behind my unit. The amount of Christmas decorations haven’t increased significantly. Most of the decorations seem to be strings of lights. The blow up characters aren’t as popular at the this park. A golf cart parade is planned for Christmas Eve. I wonder what that will look like.


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