Christmas Lights at Fort Wilderness

Saturday December 10th 2022

The fog and cloud cover hung in a little longer this morning. It wasn’t until noon that the sun started to dominate the sky. The afternoon remained partly cloudy with a few long periods with the sunshine blocked from reaching the ground directly. The temperature still managed to get into the upper seventies.

Just like the weather, my day started slow. I lingered over my breakfast coffee catching up on my internet reading longer than usual. My only major accomplishment for the day was getting some laundry done. It took a couple of hours and this is not one of those places that I am comfortable leaving it alone. I hoovered around the laundry machines the whole time my washing was in them. Thank goodness for earbuds and a cell phone with internet access to kill the time.

A couple taking a “sleigh” ride around the Fort Wilderness Campground.

For this blog entry, I am going to complete yesterday’s story on my visit to Wald Disney World. In particular my touring of the Christmas Decorations at the Fort Wilderness campground.

After spending about three hours wandering around Magic Kingdom taking in the ambiance, I took the boat to Fort Wilderness. It was still daylight when I arrived so my first order of business was getting some food. I chose to have a hamburger and fries from the take out place at the Settlement. After mobile ordering from the My Disney Experience App I had to wait about half an hour. This is not a quick service location, just a take out place for the campers. While I waited I wandered around the Settlement area and one of the camping loops during the last of daylight.

After an OK hamburger and fries it was dark and my touring began. I walked through most of the first nine camping loops. It is over two weeks until Christmas and the nightly rate at Fort Wilderness is possibly the highest overnight rate for a campground in the country, so most of the people staying there this weekend will be gone before Christmas. Still, about half the sites were decorated. Closer to the holiday it will probably be close to all of the sites. The majority of the decorations are inflatables, but many sites had a few strings of lights thrown in for good measure. Projection lights have been popular in past years, but I didn’t see many this time around. I don’t think I’ve toured these lights since 2018 because of the pandemic and my winter location.

Looking at the lights was fun. I had a lot of difficulty taking pictures. The lighting was very inconsistent and I didn’t want to use a flash to annoy people inside the RVs. I attempted to take about 150 pictures in the campground and probably deleted about fifty because they were just too blurry. Included in this blog entry are about thirty to provide a sense of what I was observing.

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