A Turtle Kind of Day

Sunday December 11th 2022

The weather didn’t live up to the precedent set by the last week. Except for a brief period around noon it was a very cloudy day. The temperature was slow to get out of the sixties and didn’t climb above the low seventies all day.

My chief task for the day was scouting my escape route for tomorrow’s travel day north. What I was really looking for was the best gas station to fill the motorhome’s tank. All of the nearby stations have poor access. I found a couple of stations up the road a few miles that will work OK and an alternative further north that is on the expensive side, but will work well as a last resort. Gas prices are actually down more than ten cents a gallon from two weeks ago when I arrived at Lake Louisa State Park. It usually doesn’t happen that way. The change is usually to my disadvantage.

There was a lot of traffic on the roads. Initially I didn’t understand why there was so much traffic on a Sunday morning. Passing slowly through an area of several shopping centers it became clear. I was getting stuck in the Christmas shopping rush. It is hard to believe the holiday is only two weeks away.

The campground really emptied out as the weekend came to a conclusion. It was so empty in the early afternoon I didn’t think it would fill up again tonight, but it did. Once again the weekend tent campers from the local area gave way to the RVs from the northern states. I will join the departing guests tomorrow before the 1PM checkout. I have a trip of about 75 miles to the Ocala area to reach my next destination.


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