Magic Kingdom Resorts at Christmastime

Friday December 9th 2022

Today’s weather was pretty much a repeat of the last few days. It starts a little cloudy, but turns sunny and clear quickly. Under the bright sun and next to no wind the temperature climbs to eighty.

I went to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom today. I wandered around the park and road a couple of rides watched a little bit of the castle show and saw the Mickey Mouse Cavalcade. My real goal today was to checkout the Christmas decorations at the Magic Kingdom Area resorts. Included in that mix of resorts was the Fort Wilderness Campground with all of the decorating efforts of the campers. I took lots of pictures. I’m going to hold off on the Fort Wilderness pictures until Saturday’s blog entry. In this entry I’ll show some pictures from the Magic Kingdom and the three resorts along the Monorail route.

The Contemporary resort had a big brightly decorated tree on the front lawn. Inside it had a gingerbread depiction of Cinderella’s castle for the fiftieth anniversary. It was hidden away at the far end of the concourse level. The Polynesian resort doesn’t do a lot of decorating, but it had a nice tree in the lobby. The grand daddy of Christmas decorating on the monorail loop is the Grand Floridian Resort. It has a huge tree in the lobby and a gingerbread house bigger than most sheds.

Overall it was a long second half of the day. I departed my RV home around noon and got back a few minutes before 10PM. In between I did lots of walking and road the monorail more than I think I ever have.


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