A Calm Day

Thursday December 8th 2022

Today’s temperature peaked in the upper seventies just south of the eighty degree mark. There was next to no wind most of the day. The lake surface was like a mirror this afternoon.

My sleep schedule has gotten out of wack over the last week. I’m getting to sleep later and consequently getting up later. This morning it was after 10AM when I rolled out of bed. I blame a combination of two things. First, I get home in the middle of the evening from my trips to the theme parks. By the time I get my blog entry written and generally mellow out, it is late. The second thing I’m going to blame is the abundance of Christmas movies on TV. I seem to get wrapped up in watching movies that go to midnight and even sometimes to 2AM. This weekend, I’ll have to start setting the alarm for 7:30AM to attempt to reset my sleep cycle.

Today was another chores day. I got the laundry packed up ready to grab the washing machine here in the camping loop. So far, both of my attempts to snag the machine were met with failure. There is only one washer and one dryer. Someone else was using the machine both times I checked this afternoon. Tomorrow is another day. With everything packed up and ready to hit the machine it is a just a matter of finding the machine available.

“Hey, Guy with the camera. Go away so I can come down off this tree.”

Walking around the park today I found plenty of wildflowers in blossom. I don’t know if they all popped in the last few days or if I wasn’t very observant the first few days I was here. My impression, when I arrived, that the wildflowers were missing isn’t true now. I took quite a few pictures today.


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