Wet Trails

Wednesday December 7th 2022

There was a little more sunshine today than the last couple. The clouds seem to come and go several times during the day. The temperature peaked around eighty degrees.

This was a chores day around my RV home. It is remarkable how quickly all the little things accumulate. Later in the day I drove over to the other side of the state park to explore a little. The north side of the park boarders on Lake Louisa.

The water level in Lake Louisa is higher than I’ve seen it. Many of the trails in the area are muddy and a few are under water. I had to play hopscotch on tufts of grass to get through a few areas. Usually I see a lot of birds around Lake Louisa. Today I didn’t see any water birds. Overall I was pretty disappointed with things in the park in the Lake Louisa side.

Around the campground a few more Christmas decorations are starting to show up. The mid week mix of occupants has more travelers than locals. As the weekend approaches that will probably change. People from the greater central Florida area seem to book the weekends at the start of the eleven month reservation window. That is one of the reasons I need to compete to get a whole two week stay. A few days in the middle of the week are a lot easier to book.


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