Six Hours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Friday December 2nd 2022

Despite my best efforts, I didn’t get an early start to the day. I didn’t get to Disney’s Animal Kingdom until noon. The park was very busy and many of the animals were napping. Still I had a good afternoon at the park.

The Tree of Life

Today I brought my camera with a zoom lens to the park. On Wednesday’s visit to EPCOT I only had my cell phone camera. My goal for the day was to take animal pictures. Since I came home with over two hundred pictures (thank you digital technology), I will declare my goal met. I’m only going to include about fifty pictures here.

I really enjoyed the animal puppets that are here for the holidays. The life size puppets of polar bears, a wolf, a reindeer and others interact with each other and the guests in a very lifelike fashion. For attractions, I only road the Kilimanjaro Safari. The other rides and shows had long lines that I didn’t want to wait out. The safari was about an hour wait, but usually worth it. I road it a second time with only a thirty five minute wait. It was only an OK experience today. The driver for the first safari wasn’t the best and I was seated in the last row. The driver managed to pause with the front of the truck in view of the animals, but more often than not the back’s view was blocked. On my second ride later I was in the second row, but many of the animals had already returned to their nigh time quarters.

Most of my day was spent walking around the park and trails watching the animals and taking pictures. Here are some of the better pictures.


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