Searching for Wildflowers

Thursday December 1st 2022

It was a little cooler and windier today, but the overall temperature is still above the average for the date. The high was in the upper half of the seventies. Tomorrow is forecast to be similar followed by a slightly warmer weekend.

“Stay away while I eat my nut.”

Last year at about this same time of year when I was staying here the first hard frost of the year happened. It was obvious since all of the wildflowers I was able to take pictures of during the early part of my stay were no longer blooming later in my stay. This year I’ve been looking for wildflowers to take pictures. They are much harder to find, but surely haven’t been impacted by frost yet. The rain during the early fall and the hurricanes may have had more of an impact. The water level in the ponds and swampy areas is high, but I don’t see any obvious hurricane impacts. I’ll hike some of the trails deeper in the park this weekend.

Today’s adventure was at the grocery store. The aisles in the food area of Walmart were still filled with displays of food for the Thanksgiving feast. I don’t know if this is leftover or if they plan to keep it all in place until after Christmas. Not surprisingly, the store was busy. I got everything I wanted and was back home in reasonable time.

I really spent most of the day relaxing. Tomorrow I’m planning on another trip to Disney. I’ll be at Animal Kingdom. If I get myself out of bed early enough it will be a morning and early afternoon visit. Otherwise, I’ll go in the early afternoon and stay until dark or a little later. The park closes at 7PM. The animals that I go for aren’t very visible after dark.


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