A Saturday at Home

Saturday December 3rd 2022

It was warm day with a high temperature in the low eighties. The average temperature for this time of year is in the low to mid seventies.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

I got a slow start to the day once again. When I finally got out of my RV home to check out the goings on in the campground, I found a very different atmosphere from my last daytime view of the campground yesterday morning. While I was out yesterday many of the empty campsites were occupied by tent campers. It is not unusual to see tents in the state parks, but the sites aren’t well designed for tent camping. On many sites the only place to pitch a tent is on the hard packed stony gravel of the driveway. This morning almost a third of the sites are occupied by tent campers. Usually, there is a handful at best. I suspect a good portion of them are together.

Wandering around the campground and the trails in the park, I came across a lot of day guests. There were bicyclists, hikers, fishermen and kayakers all around. Even the horse riding area down the road from the campground seemed to be very busy. I didn’t get down that far from the campground, but there were plenty of cars parked in front of the horse paddock area. This park is about thirty miles from downtown Orlando. It is about the right distance for day trips for people living in the city.

In the campground I’m starting to see some signs of the upcoming holiday. A few sites are decorated with lights and a couple of blow up characters have appeared. It is early for a lot of decorating to happen. Everybody that is here now will be gone before Christmas do to the length of stay limits. I expect to see more decorations at my next stop. It is also not a state park, so decorating is probably more of a “thing”.


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