Holiday Festival at Disney’s ECOT

Wednesday November 30th 2022

Today’s weather turned out to be pretty good for a visit to Disney’s EPCOT. It was a warm day in the mid eighties. The day transitioned from cloudy to sunny and back again. A cold front passed through the area around 4PM with lots of threatening weather, but little actual rain. The temperature retreated quickly into the seventies and lower after the front passed.

I got to EPCOT at 1PM. My goals was to see the Christmas decorations and shows. The Holiday festival is my favorite Disney Christmas experience. The park is well decorated, some of the rides get Christmas overlays and most significantly there is plenty of live entertainment. Today I walked around the World Showcase twice looking at the decorations and watching the various Holiday entertainment. The Voices of Liberty were in Dickens era garb to sing Christmas Carols in the American Adventure rotunda and listened to a couple of Santa Clauses describe the Christmas experience in their native lands.

Voices of Liberty
Gingerbread and frosting representation of the American Adventure building. It is located in the American Adventure Building with a couple of others.

I watched, well mostly listened to, the first Candle Light Processional performance of the night from behind the theater. The people that got stand-by seats waited over an hour for the 5:15 show. Being out back I got to see the choir arrive in their bright yellow robes. Maybe another time I’ll attempt to score a walk up dinning package at the Regal Eagle quick service BBQ restaurant. That is probably the easiest way to get a seat.

Choir in yellow lined up to enter the American Adventure Theater for the Candlelight Processional show.

It has been a few years since I had an opportunity to visit EPCOT during the holidays. I don’t think the Living with the Land ride had a Christmas overlay the last time I visited during the holidays. Today it was a pleasant surprise. The decorations in the garden were impressive.

I didn’t hang around for the closing fireworks show. I watched the light shows on the Space Ship Earth glob before leaving around 7PM. I was home before eight. Next week I want to return to see more and tour the resort hotels behind EPCOT. The decorations and gingerbread houses at the resorts are always interesting.


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