First Day at Lake Louisa State Park

Tuesday November 29th 2022

The day began cloudy, but soon cleared into a sunny day with a bright blue sky. The humidity was down and the temperature climbed into the low eighties. The normal high for this day is in the upper seventies.

Today was a relaxing day after two days of high activity. Resting up before another active day tomorrow was my primary goal for the day. I finished up the outside setup tasks that are normal for my first full day at a new location. The car is now ready for driving around the area without the cumbersome addition of a bicycle rack and towing equipment. It is ready for an excursion tomorrow.

Walking around the campground and one of the trails in the park, it doesn’t look like a lot has changed since I was here in the spring. This park was closed for a week or two after hurricane Ian in October, so I thought I might find some signs of damage. The only thing that might be related is a slightly higher water level in the two lakes near the camping loops.


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