Another Slow but Dry Day

Monday November 21st 2022

The weather forecast for today was the same as for yesterday. I was expecting a day filled with rain, but none fell. While the sun was only out briefly, the day was a total opposite. The temperature climbed into the mid seventies and it was a generally nice day.

I woke around 7:30AM to the sound of construction. The park model home behind my site was getting a new roof today. They stripped the roof and put on new shingles before noon today. It is a good thing the weather forecast was wrong. Sleep was out of the question with all the noise, so I got an early start to the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to bed early Sunday night and it was a restless night. My energy level was not high today.

It was a normal slow day. I did a few chores around my RV home and got a couple of walks in around the RV park. The sandhill cranes and the peafowl were missing from the park today. In there place I spotted an Anhinga drying its wings and a bunch of turtles taking in the limited sun.


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