A Rainy Indoors Kind of Day

Sunday November 20th 2022

It was a miserable weather day. The temperature barely cleared sixty degrees and some form of rain came down all day. The rain varied from mist to gentle rain. It never got to the downpour state. I had to run heat to keep the inside of my RV home in the comfortable range.

Football on TV

I stayed indoor all day. The TV kept me entertained most of the day, but not with the football games I wanted to watch. My location is in a dead zone for the local CBS station. Fox had one football game that I watched a little bit. Tonight, I can’t even remember the teams that were playing. Most of my TV watching was the sappy Christmas movies that dominate cable (in my case satellite) this time of year. Every plot seems to be a variation on the same plot theme.

Hallmark Christmas movie

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Indoors Kind of Day

  1. I watch a lot of Hallmark movies when visiting my mom – who is almost 100. I can set my watch by when the couple breakup and then kiss and make up. Not great, but better than a lot of what’s on tv – in my opinion.


    • So right you are. There are two or three basic plots that they seem to twist a little for each movie. The actors seem to play the same general character in each movie and often use the same phrasing in their dialog. Still they’re easy to watch., but and not watch at the same time.


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