Clouds Clouds and More Clouds

Tuesday November 22nd 2022

The weather forecast called for rain today, but as of 9PM it hasn’t rained yet. That doesn’t mean the sun was shining. In fact the clouds just seemed to get thicker as the day went by. Despite the missing sunshine the temperature reached the mid seventies.

Once again, I allowed the weather forecast to dictate my day. My plans for outdoor activities were put on the back burner and I focused on inside activities. Today that was a lot of internet activity looking to fill the feared gap in my winter reservations. Yesterday I heard that at least part of my reservation for Myakka River State Park in the middle of December was canceled. With no guaranty that the last eight nights will not get canceled, I am looking for a place to stay for the entire two weeks.

There is no availability at the public campgrounds for more than a random night or two. The larger commercial RV parks have at least a few vacancies for the two week period, but they are at a premium price. The smaller commercial campgrounds are full. The further north I go in the center of the state the cost becomes more reasonable. Near the coast the premium prices remain. I will probably book a site at the RV resort in Ocala I stayed at in August. It is a new park that opened in July and hasn’t fully booked the winter with snowbirds. The downside is the location. I will basically be traveling north seventy miles for two weeks, then south one hundred fifty miles for two weeks before returning north one hundred and seventy miles for the another two weeks.

Today seemed to be decorating day at the RV park. The resort staff decorated the common spaces for Christmas and many of the residents took the opportunity to decorate their sites. This evening the area was very colorful. I was laughing when I saw the display in the picture at the top of this blog post. Who decorates outside for Thanksgiving?


1 thought on “Clouds Clouds and More Clouds

  1. Your first sentence made me laugh. I also enjoyed the display with the turkey sitting on Santa. I don’t do anything “Christmas” until after Thanksgiving. It’s important to me to give thanks for all I have. I do put out decorations for Thanksgiving – most inside, but a few outside. Now, I want to add more to the outside. Happy Thanksgiving!

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