Another Grocery Adventure

Saturday November 19th 2022

It wasn’t as cold overnight resulting in a warmer start to the day and a higher peak in the low seventies. There was some sun early, but by mid day the sky was filled with clouds. The forecast for tomorrow calls for rain.

Traffic in the area was terrible again today. Every intersection had several cars backed up. I don’t think I got through any of the traffic lights on the first signal. There are just too many homes in the area for the size of the roads. Since I first started coming to this area seven years ago many new high density housing developments have been constructed. More are being built all the time. Areas that were citrus groves last year are now sandy open areas with the roads and utilities starting to be constructed. By next year they will contain a hundred or more houses. The roads just can’t keep up.

While I was out I made my last stop at Walmart for groceries before Thanksgiving. I think I waited too long. The place was very busy. Getting up and down the aisles with a shopping cart was often impossible. After I got boxed in by other shoppers a couple of times, I left the cart at the end of the aisle and went on foot to find the items I wanted. The result was I didn’t get everything I needed. I depend on the slow walk down the aisle to trigger my memory rather than writing a list. It is the non healthy stuff like cookies I forgot, so I’ll survive without another grocery run until after the holiday.


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