A Slow and Cool Day

Friday November 18th 2022

The cool weather is taking some getting used to. I had to add a blanket to my bed in the middle of the night to keep warm. This morning the sun brought the inside temperature up quickly, but the outside temperature remained in the low sixties all day. I know that is nothing compared to the northern states, but it does represent the arrival of winter weather in central Florida.

There is quite a bit of work going on in the RV park. Yesterday they paved some of the roads in the park including the road in front of my site. The roads didn’t look like they needed repair, but they had been ground down in preparation for a new surface before I arrived here at the end of last month. Perhaps because the temperature cooled off or just a scheduling thing they completed the job yesterday. I didn’t receive any notice from the park staff that the roads would be blocked at times during the day. The sad thing is I don’t think it was a very good job. There seem to be little voids in the surface and loose material on the edges that didn’t get rolled in.

I caught up on a few chores around my RV home today. For exercise I walked around the RV park a couple of times. The ducks and sandhill cranes were all in their usual places. The peafowl were missing today. There is an extensive area of pasture behind the park that I suspect is a good hideout for the birds when they aren’t in the park. The cattle that use the pasture probably don’t care what the birds do.


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