An Afternoon Visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Monday November 14th 2022

About noon today I ventured out to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. My goal was to ride a few rides, see a few shows and generally checkout the Christmas Decorations. I partially fulfilled my goal.

The park was very crowded. Wait times for rides were in the triple digit minutes. I got to see a couple of shows including Frozen Ever After with its Christmas flair. The waits for rides were a real problem. I got into the Toy Story Mania line with an expected wait of fifty minutes. It was over an hour before I got off the ride. About the only thing that didn’t have a wait was lunch and that was only because I mobile ordered ahead.

The one thing I was completely successful with was checking out the Christmas decorations. They were plentiful, colorful and well enjoyed. The only place they didn’t decorate for Christmas was the Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars land. I guess the fictional planet of Batuu doesn’t put up Christmas decorations.

My plan was to stay for the Fantasmic nighttime show. It returned after two plus years at the beginning of the month. The show started at 8PM. At 6PM there was a line twenty feet wide all along Sunset Blvd and growing. They don’t open the seating area until 7PM. I wasn’t prepared to wait in that line alone. Boredom was sure to win the battle before the show started. I decided the show could wait and I headed for home. Unfortunately, it was the end of rush hour. It took close to an hour to get home. Except for the drive home it was a fun day.

More people were arriving at the park as I departed.

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