Visiting with the Sandhill Cranes

Sunday November 13th 2022

Today’s weather was not ideal. It never rained, but it seemed like it would start at any minute for most of the day. After a foggy start the day warmed up into the low eighties with plenty of humidity.

My tentative plans for the day were put aside because of the weather. I didn’t want to get into outside activities that would be interrupted by rain. Instead I watched some TV and read for a diversion. For exercise I got in a couple of walks around the RV resort. The Sandhill Cranes were particularly photogenic today. The Peacocks and Peahens were not being as cooperative.

The park is close to full now. There are only a small handful of empty sites. The people level is not at maximum yet. Many of the RVs and Mobile Homes are still empty. The occupants haven’t returned for the winter. The fifth wheel trailer on one side of me is such an RV. Its slide out rooms are still pulled in and there is no outside paraphernalia. I wonder if they will arrive before I leave after Thanksgiving.

On my other side, my neighbor is a family with two young kids. This park is advertised as a 55plus park, so I’m not sure what that’s all about. The kids aren’t a problem. You hardly know they are around. During the week they are at school and on the weekends they seem to keep busy. When they are inside their trailer I’m more aware of their presence. There is a lot of banging on the walls and the sounds of running coming from the trailer. I think the phrase “climbing the walls” applies more literally to their existence inside the trailer.


1 thought on “Visiting with the Sandhill Cranes

  1. The Cranes are beautiful. Also, very interesting read as I am not familiar with such parks. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos and the description what is going on. I was not aware there are parks reserved for 55+. Looking forward to reading your future post and the photos 🙂


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