Traffic in the Orlando Area

Tuesday November 15th 2022

The sun never made an appearance today, but neither did the rain. The day started overcast and it continued that way all day. The temperature peaked in the low to mid eighties.

Fallen Blossom of the Day

This afternoon I drove north to the southern edge of Orlando to do some shopping at the outlet malls. There are plenty of outlet stores closer, but I went to the area with some of the original outlet stores in Orlando. It goes without saying if you have a tourist area you have outlet malls. I avoided the congestion on Interstate 4 by using local streets to get there. It was a real adventure.

Traffic and the behavior of motorists in metro areas is always interesting. This area is no exception. Today I saw my fair share of accelerating to make the yellow light at intersections and weaving in and out of lanes to get around slower traffic. I even saw one instance where the behavior was combined almost leading to a major accident right in front of me. Two cars in the outside lane were rushing to get through the yellow light the first car tried to duck into the second lane to get by a slower car, but a car in that lane decided to stop for the yellow light. The driver swerved back into the outside lane in front of the other car trying to race through the yellow light. The second car had to hit the brakes hard and didn’t make the yellow light, but the first guy causing all the issues made it through the light.

Between the volume of traffic, the impatience of the drivers and all of the road construction it can be a real challenge driving around. I’ve been in this area enough over the years to know the roads, but not necessarily the traffic patterns. I don’t know what times of day to avoid which roads. Night time is also a whole new challenge. The landmarks I know aren’t necessarily visible at night, so I need to slow down sooner to find the turns. Coming back into this RV park after dark is one of those difficulties. The first few nights were a real challenge, but I think I’ve got it down now.


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