A Visit to Disney Springs

Saturday November 12th 2022

After a foggy start, it was another beautiful day in Central Florida. The wind was very light and the clouds were light and fluffy. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties.

In the afternoon I visited Disney Springs the shopping and entertainment area of Walt Disney World. For some reason I thought it wouldn’t be very busy on a Saturday afternoon. Perhaps because it is a holiday weekend, or more likely I just don’t understand shopping patterns, it was very busy. The Orange parking garage only had available spaces on the top floor when I arrived shortly after noon. The other garages and surface lots may have been similarly full, because the walkways and stores throughout the district were jammed with people.

I came to see the Christmas decorations and wander through a few shops. There were also a few performers on some of the stages that kept my attention for awhile. The primary decorations come in the form of Christmas trees scattered throughout the area. Each is styled differently according to a theme. Most of the trees represent Disney movies or characters. There is a map and stickers that you can follow and mark off each tree as you find them. I just wandered from one end to the other looking at the trees and other decorations.

The World of Disney store was filled with people shopping for Disney merchandise. Some of the stuff makes me wonder about the creativity of the market people. Do you suppose that dogs appreciate having a bed with Cinderella’s castle or Mickey Mouse’s head on it? Obviously their owners will buy almost anything Disney. At least the five year old girls with $200 dollar dresses and tiaras enjoy the look for a couple of minutes before playing in the muddy fountains. I’m just amazed at what people spend money on when on vacation.


2 thoughts on “A Visit to Disney Springs

  1. The photos are breathtaking. So beautiful. And yes, it’s a pity such extravaganza on unnecessary things. The doggies won’t know any of those fancy things and the children can be bought practical and even smart dresses as they grow up pretty quickly. And so good to teach them to share with less fortunate kids and people. As so much of people going through hard times also Christmas time is not all about expensive things but celebrating “The Birth of Christ”. Thanks for posting the photos. I will not get the chance of seeing such places!


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