A Slow Thursday

Thursday November 3rd 2022

There were a few periods of heavy rain overnight. The result was a little less humidity today, but it was still higher than normal for this time of year. The temperature also continued to be above normal. It peaked above 85 degrees.

Today was the day for my nemesis of campground activities. It was lawn mowing day. Around 8AM I woke to the sound of lawn moving. Initially it was distant sound, but as I debated getting out of bed the sound got closer. It was time to get up and there was no way I’d get back to sleep with the distraction, so I got a reasonable start to the day. When I got out of the shower a few minutes later, the sound of the lawn mower was right outside my windows. It was another hour before I couldn’t hear the sound of lawn mowing somewhere in the park. My obsession or annoyance with campground lawn mowing is just plain weird.

Chores around my RV home took up most of my time today. In between the various tasks I took a couple of walks around the RV resort. The local birds were all hiding in the shade on my mid day walk. On my second walk the ducks and one of the sandhill cranes were out their evening foraging. I even saw the crane with its wings spread. They are a big bird species.


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