An Evening at EPCOT

Friday November 4th 2022

The current weather trend continued today. The temperature was above normal with moderate humidity. There were some scattered showers in the area, but they missed me.

About mid afternoon I drove over to Disney World to spend and evening at EPCOT. My goal was to watch some of the entertainment. In particular I wanted to watch the night time fireworks show and possible watch the Boyz II Men performance. Traffic cooperated and it only took a little over half an hour to get to the parking lot. Then things got a little strange.

The sections of the parking lot they use the most was full. The attendants were directing cars into the rows that were filled in the morning to take the spaces made available by departing guests. They actually started to park people on the grass surrounding the parking lots after I got parked. I was in the preferred parking lot without paying the premium. I think they were trying not to use a major section of the parking lot that was setup for the RunDisney half marathon tomorrow morning. They typically use the area as a staging area for all of the runners. Whatever the cause, I haven’t seen the lot so full in a long time.

Hanging squash in Living with the Land.

The park was very crowded. The RunDisney event may be the cause or possibly the Boyz II Men concert. The concert was certainly overflowing. I only managed to walk by during two of the sets. It was no great loss, I didn’t recognize any of the music they were performing. At least I managed to ride “Living with the Land” that I missed riding last week. The hanging squash gourds were impressive.


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