Lions and Tigers and … Giraffes?

Wednesday November 2nd 2022

The day began with a layer of fog hugging the ground. It was a clear sign of the humidity of the day. Once the sun burned the fog off the temperature climbed quickly. By the end of the day the temperature peaked just shy of ninety. It was an uncomfortable day all around. Compared to summer days in this area, it wasn’t outside the normal, but somehow once fall weather arrives, you don’t expect today’s kind of weather.

I had plans for the day that weren’t overly compatible with the weather. Today I had a reservation for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. I wanted to arrive by the 9AM opening time, but it was not to be. By the time I finished my breakfast it was 8:15 before I departed my RV home. All of the traffic resulted in a travel time twice my expectation. It was close to 9:30 as I entered the Animal Kingdom Park. The wait times were already high. The trend for the day was set.

The wait time for the Kilimanjaro Safari was 55 minutes. It was 9:37 when I got in line. The wait was pretty much spot on. About 10:30 I boarded my safari vehicle. There were lots of animals out today including giraffes, wildebeests, elephants, lions and tigers. I followed up my safari with a walk along the Gorilla trail. Unlike the safari, I didn’t see many animals on the walk. Only a couple of gorilla’s were in sight.

The remainder of my day at the Animal Kingdom was a lot of walking with a couple of shows thrown in for good measure. I waited about half an hour to see the Finding Nemo show and another half hour for the Lion King show. The other rides all had long wait times that I wasn’t prepared to stand in the humidity for a brief enjoyment. Most of my visit to the park was spent walking from side to side, checking out the animals and scenery. I was home shortly after 4PM.

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